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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 2, 2009 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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jane: good morning, everybody. it was his job to get psychiatric help to soldiers, and now nidal hasan will be getting his own evaluation. is he competent to stand trial? jon: tiger woods telling the world in that his family down and ripped the transgressions with all his heart. now is troubles are out in the open. incriminating most males or all over the internet. jane: e-mails have been released in the story of the couple known as the white house party crashers. did they have an invitation? jon: we start with president obama's new strategy for afghanistan, ordering 30,000 troops to the area, but he also set a deadline to bring them home 18 months after the surge begins. the house is holding a hearing on afghanistan, taking testimony from key members of his cabinet.
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there you see secretary of state hillary clinton testifying. major garrett is at the white house. some intense questions about the timeline for withdrawn these additional troops. >> that is right. about one hour ago, john mccain asked robert gates, the president said two things last night. one would be that we would begin moving troops out beginning in july 2011, only if the ground conditions were met. so he asked, which won its bi -- one is it? >> either we do what we did in iraq and succeed, and withdraw, or we will have them withdrawn date beginning 2011. which is in? it has to be one or the other.
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appropriate conditions or an arbitrary date. you cannot have both. >> where we begin the transition is, think, the key factor -- i think, the key factor. we will have a thorough review in december 2010. if it appears the strategy is not working and we will not be able to transition in 2011, we will look at the strategy itself. >> which means it is not a prickly hard deadline to remove these 30,000 troops, but clearly, it is their priority and gold. -- goal. now is the military's job to make sure that the afghan security forces can take over responsibility by that date. admiral mike mullen said the
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president wants conditioned on the ground to rule, but we do not want to send a signal to the afghan government that this is an open-ended commitment. we have obligations we expect them to me, and if we do not set a deadline, this could go on interminably. he said that is not what the country needs, what the president wants, and what the military will carry out under the president's orders. jon: while he was speaking, we just got a message that stanley mcchrystal put out to his forces. jane: this is just a portion of it. he says, we still face many challenges in afghanistan but the mission has a purpose, sustained by one unassailable reality. neither the international community or the afghan people want this area to remain a safe haven for terrorists.
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he says president obama's decision is a clear reflection not only of his intended strategy but of the confidence he has that we can achieve by the work displayed by the troops every day. let's get reaction by the men and women whom are affected by this decision. steve brown is at camp pendleton. >> i do not know if there is an occupation where the phrase "strength in numbers" is any more applicable than that of a soldier. not surprisingly, the president's announcement was met with approval here. >> the more security we have in our missions, training the local takeover. the less funding we have to do directly >> greater than -- the last fighting we have to do directly. >> it will help us to stabilize
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the country and develop relationships in the country which is crucial to this mission. >> we are back at camp pendleton, looking at some training going on. there was a local newspaper that said essentially they did not have enough bodies to do some work. one detachment was in charge of clearing minefields and sweeping away ied's. now, in an area like afghanistan were injured road could be something of a luxury, that is an awfully hard job. they said there was just not enough to do the essential things they needed to do. certainly, that is one thing that president obama said when he was campaigning. they did not have enough bodies. jane: it took some time for the administration to come to this decision. what about members of the military and their families? how does this sit with them?
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>> hurry up and wait is a phrase used by the military, and they certainly do not like it, and there were some conversation that i had with members of the military, not necessary collected -- connected to the space who said that day were eager -- that they were eager to get the job. winning was the hardest part, so that was their main frustration. jon: some tough talk from iran. president ahmadinejad says they run will be enriched uranium to higher levels than the u.n. wants. he made the comment before a huge crowd in the city south of tehran. he has rejected a proposal to send most of their uranium out of the country for enrichment so it would not have enough to build a nuclear bomb. he said the zionist regime,
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meaning israel, and its western bankers -- backers cannot do a damn thing to stop iran's nuclear work. jane: also, five british sailors who were detained by iran have been phrased it -- freed. they were detained when they're racing yacht drifted into iranian waters. the iranian revolutionary guard says the investigation found that it was just a simple mistake and they are free to go. jon: the army said to give the suspect in the fort hood shooting massacre and mental of valuation. the test designed to find out if nidal hasan knew that what he was doing was wrong and whether or not he can stand trial. he is charged with killing 13 in the november 5 shooting spree. more than two dozen were wounded
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in the attack. jane: to the health-care battle. emotions running high in the senate. some pretty fiery debate. carl cameron is in washington, d.c. how much progress is being made? >> not a lot. harry reid called a meeting with his colleagues to go behind closed doors in 30 minutes and he will tell them to get going. democrats are already stalled. it is in love again in the majority about which amendments -- logjam in the majority about which amendments should come up. there is one amendment from barbara mikulski from maryland that would expand women's health screening. tom coburn is a supporter of the notion of expanded health care screening for women and is also working on legislation about abortion. there are a host of hot-button
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issues that have slowed this process down. in addition to the one from john mccain that would eliminate the democratic proposal to medicare. this has caused some consternation for the democratic majority, they do not know what to do after these two amendments. this into harry reid. >> hopefully, we can have some notes this afternoon -- votes this afternoon. please begin the amendment process. we hope that we can begin voting on these amendments soon once they are adopted by republicans and democrats. >> it is pretty telling when they say that they cannot even work things out in the majority. jane: thank you. jon: tiger woods, the best golfer on earth, breaking his
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silence after the bizarre accident outside his home. the released a statement saying that he let his family down and that he allowed his transgressions -- although he does not specify what they were. you may have heard that he was having an extramarital affair, or two, or 12. he says -- we will be watching the story. we have a live report coming up. also, the white house party crashers are seen hobnobbing with vice-president biden. now he is speaking now about the whole thing. what he thought about the salahis.
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jon: and the iraqi man who threw his shoes at president bush gets a taste of his own medicine. he was in paris yesterday when he was nearly hit and had when someone threw a shoe at him. he gained fame when he hurled his shoes at president bush in baghdad in december. he was wrestled to the ground and then imprisoned for nine months. the paris news conference was held so that he could talk about his experience. jane: joe biden is weighing in on the case of the so-called white house party crashers. he posed for pictures with the couple but he said he did not know the couple and assumed they were invited guests because they in -- acted like they knew
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everyone. now we are seeing a chain of e- mails are merger between the couple and a white house official. brian wilson is following the trail. it got more complex? >> i would say so. the white house claimed the couple crashed in a state dinner. the salahis maintain they were invited. they do so by producing e-mails with melanie jones who was clearly trying to help them get into the event. the e-mails show that the salahis were working it hard, borderline pushing. after the event, they said a follow-up e-mail, claiming that they missed a key phone call from jones because of a dead cell phone battery. it is hard to tell, but one
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would presume that the phone call was to tell them that they were not cleared to attend. here is, in part, what tareq salahi wrote to the jones after the dinner -- so that is their side of the story. jane: what about michele jones? >> she responds, even including smiley faces. jones is a special assistant to the secretary of defense. she wrote -- at least she does acknowledge there was an ongoing conversation about this. jane: where does the
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investigation stand? the white house says they were not invited. >> robert gibbs insists they were not invited. the secret service seems to agree. the investigation should move to capitol hill tomorrow if things progress as we can they should. a lot of people want to see the evidence they say they have. at this hour, the story is more complex than we thought. jon: take a look at what is going on in that building behind brian wilson. the senate armed services committee is turning the discretion of president obama's newly announced afghanistan policy. we have been streaming for you on we will be bring you updates from that hearing.
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in jane: as president obama embarks on the new more strategy in afghanistan, he is a listing pakistan as a key partner in this. some fear that sending more troops into afghanistan could destabilize these crucial areas along the border. we are live in islamabad. >> pakistan was incredible call part of president obama's speech. in fact, he mentioned it 25 times. he said that their success is inextricably tied. he said because of the relationship the two nations have and because of potential crossing of militants along the border. the concern of four outside nations, the west, and specifically the u.s., should not be on the concern of nuclear weapons. he is concerned about what the
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cross over into the south, if and when there is a surge in the southern provinces. he said if militants crossed the border, there could be some instability. that is itself of the tribal areas where the battle between al qaeda and taliban militants is going on with that pakistani military. i spoke to one general and he is comfortable with fornication along the border there. the question is the area of the border that is seeing the fighting. in fact, this ministry official told me it is very important for this government that there is peace and stability in afghanistan. but he said that it cannot come at a cost of any instability for pakistan. jane: thank you. jon: we are keeping an eye on capitol hill where a senate hearing is underway now.
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the president's new afghanistan plan announced last night is a mixture of military strategy and diplomatic policy. david gorman was the director of policy planning with george bush. kimberly is the president of the institute for the study of war. she was in afghanistan working with general mcchrystal. kimberly, some of what you were there to assess. -- sum up what you were there to assess. >> we were there to look at the command as we made decisions with other think tanks, about what the province wants, how it is that command in afghanistan could go about starting to solve the problems that it faces. jon: it is a military and diplomatic strategy that he has announced. can 30,000 additional troops the
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big part of solving the problem? >> certainly, that is a lot of force. he will now have 100,000 troops with him in afghanistan in addition to our coalition partners. he will be able to reverse the taliban momentum in southern and eastern afghanistan and implement the counterinsurgency strategy she intended to pursue since taking command. -- he intended to pursue since taking command. jon: david, the president seemed to want it both ways -- at least that is what the critics say. we are going to hit the taliban hard but we are going to get out in 18 months. realistic? >> the important thing is the president said we are going to start getting out in 18 months. he was careful to parse his phrases.
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i do think the president was walking a fine political line here. there is no question the war has become increasingly unpopular, particularly, among the president's democratic base. as the president looked at these options, he believed that any other alternative other than a substantial troop increase was simply a worse outcome and would weaken the security of the u.s. i give him a lot of credit for taking on what has become a quite unpopular stands in his party. jon: kimberly, if you are the taliban, you basically know what is coming, how many troops, where they will be, and what their mission will be. army telegraphing our mission? >> certainly, they have a sense of what we are likely to do, but
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they actually have to face the reality on the ground. nato forces will be coming in to do those things, to take back the areas around canada are coming around the helmand river valley. although it would be preferable if we did not announce on television what our campaign plan would be, certainly, we have every chance of reasonable success because of the way in which our forces will conduct themselves on the ground. jon: there was a weird moment, i thought, where he described the elections that were filled with fraud, but it is a democratically elected government. if you are hamid karzai, how are you responding? >> i think he has to be pleased that the u.s. has made a commitment to the security of his country and government. at the same time, he has an
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uncertain relationship with the u.s., and it is an important component of the success of this strategy -- whether or karzai -- whether karzai and commanders on the ground can construct a more fruitful relationship that has been the case in the last year or two. that puts pressures on both sides here. i think the president was right to basically say that the afghans are both our partners but we need better performance from them. i think he is correct in saying that. he is also correct in saying that we need to work not only with karzai, but also with local and regional governments. jon: thank you. jane: recognize this guy? he is wanted for cooley robbing eight banks. what is unusual is when he
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decides to strike
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jon: a fired up mahmoud ahmadinejad telling a crowd today that nothing can stop his country from doing their nuclear work. he spoke in front of thousands continue to defy calls to hold enrichment of uranium for their nuclear program. amy kellogg is monitoring it
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from london. what did he tell the crowd? >> he said neither israel nor any other country could stop iran from its program. he also said they plan to in which its own uranium up to 25%. that is significant because the deal has, so far as far as we can tell, stalled. countries were planning to take me uranium and the image of further, then send it back for use in a medical reactor, in a medical research facility. that was something talked about widely as a possible breakthrough in terms of building trust with iran and the international community, but his comments today seem to indicate that iran wants to ignore that proposal.
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jon: one bit of good news regarding those british sailors that they had detained? >> we all have a sense that they would be sprung. we did not know what i can never said anything about it, and then this morning we got the news that they would be freed. they are yachtsmen, and they're both -- their boat drifted into iranian waters, and now they are and as a pin in their home coming back at home. jane: able bank robber that apparently works on his lunch hour. and atlanta wachovia bank is doubling the reward for the man who they call the lunchtime band. investigators suspect he has
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held up at least eight banks in the last eight weeks, almost always between 11:30 and 12:30. not the only one that police want to get. this is the granddad bandit. with me now is a representative of the fbi. talk about these people . >> he relies on being discreet. as he goes into these bank branches, up until recently, was not showing any weapon. in this latest bank robbery, he did display a weapon. jane: what did he have? >> when he felt the taller ones responding too slowly, he pulled up part of his clothing to show
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a weapon. jane: that has to rage or level of concern. he seems to get in the exact getaway car every time? >> we have had with this is who have described a car that might be associated with him in the past, a 1999, 2000 chevy tahoe. jane: this guy you are calling the granddad and it, he has moved around a lot. >> 10 bank robberies. we recently found out that's as early as january, he had a robbery. can cut it is amazing how clear these surveillance pictures are. someone has to know him. >> i find it surprising that
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these individuals have not been identified. these are great photographs. we expect with the public's help we will have these individuals identified and captured soon. jane: the us granddad bring a weapon? >> he does not. jane: you said about both of these cases, it is a typical. -- atypical. >> on the surface, they do not appear to be stereotypical bank robbers for two reasons. one, an individual usually needs to work their way up to that crime. usually someone with a criminal past, more hard and, more aggressive. he is also probably going to be chasing a drug addiction, which is often the motive behind bank robbery. on the surface, these two do not
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seem to fall into that category, but we will not know that until we can apprehend them. jane: with the fbi in atlanta. this is the tipline in case anybody has any information. we are going to put all of that information on our website, jon: a deacon near dallas says a church is no place for a fight, but that did not stop him from taking on 3 tons. he had just finished the collection when three men burst in, confronted him and demanded the money. >> i slugged him in the throat with my fist he bent down and at the same time, they hit me in the head and i went down.
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jon: he suffered minor injuries , the bandits did take off with his wallet and the church collection money. jane: she is nearly 109, and not only is she staying active, she got a promotion at work. she lives in sun city, arizona. a few months ago, joe or pie and recruited her as a member of his volunteer sheriff's posse. she just made colonel. >> i do not think i am going to give her a weapon right now. you know what? there is no one that went assault her, i do not think. jane: even though she will not be carrying a gun, she does have the power to arrest people. jon: he was about to get married and then a fight broke out. wait until you hear who was probing the punches.
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-- throwing the punch es boss: y'know, geico opened its doors back in 1936 and now we're insuring over 18 million drivers. gecko: quite impressive, yeah. boss: come a long way, that's for sure. and so have you since you started working here way back when.
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gecko: ah, i still have nightmares. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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jane: coming up, a leading client scientist sex -- stepped down from his post after admitting that they suppressed data about global warming. and take a look at this asian car. this is happening tonight in illinois. fish experts plan to poison water near chicago to keep these giant fishes out of the lakes. and are your teenager's listening to music that is unhealthy for relationships? how positive and negative lyrics can influence the way that teenagers relate to other people. jon: some business news now.
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the dow jones industrials -- 10,01064 -- 10,464. error bowling with the fox business network is with us in the newsroom. what does this mean for us? >> 169,000 jobs. a little bit less than economists were expecting, but there is a silver lining -- job losses are slowing. i hope you can see this. these are the job losses -- they had increased to almost 800,000 per month.
11:44 am
now they are still below this line what this means is, going forward, we are going to get november unemployment on friday. that will tell us where we are with unemployment. it may continue to be 10.2%, and may continue to go higher, but job losses are slowing. the bad news is, small business is the heartbeat of the economy and are hit hardest. jon: you are our expert on gold. another record high today. why? >> $1,218. a lot of people say it is because of the dollar, but the dollar is up today. it could be crude oil. it is the favorite investment in the investment community. people are moving to gold because there are no returns anywhere else.
11:45 am
you cannot buy currencies and get a return. right now, the returns are in mold. jon: that is why jane is telling all her friends to buy her gold. jane: no, i'm telling everyone to buy gold for me. let's get to some extreme weather. a storm pushing in from the gulf, brain, possibly tornadoes. janice dean? >> yes, a tornado and even snow in some unlikely places. looking at this tornado watch, in effect for parts of georgia, florida, until 5:00 local time. we could see the potential for not only tournedos the large hail, damaging winds, and
11:46 am
flooding rain fall. this is the situation today and into tomorrow at this -- as this system moves up to the northeast. plenty of flood advisories from the florida panhandle up through georgia and even to the carolinas. we could see up to 3 inches of rain. it will not take much to bring these rivers and streams over their banks again and again. winds in excess of 35 miles per hour, and in some cases higher. behind the storm we have cold air -- cold enough for snow in the dallas/fort worth area. if you have pictures, you can send them to us at temperatures were just around the freezing mark this morning. i do believe school is still in session, but you can see the
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snow line passing over parts of kansas and into misery. -- missouri. we will be watching all of this and bring you the latest. if there are any tornado warnings, we will bring them to you. back to you and jane: eric was talking about the need for jobs. who is hanging down the help wanted signs, and what does the holiday have to do with it? we are on the job hunt with rick leventhal.
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in jane: trouble at a wedding in peru. two women walked into the room
11:51 am
before the ceremony and attacked one of the grooms. they claim that he was already married. they were identified as a ancestor of the current wife. just some of the marriage were stunned. but after all the commotion, the ceremony got under way. jon: we are on the job hunt. in the past, the holiday season has always been a good time for folks looking for work, but the recession has changed that. last year there were 384,000 seasonal hires nationwide, down from the year before. but some companies are hiring. rick leventhal is at a u.p.s. store in new york city. how many seasonal jobs are there right now? >> 50,000 from u.p.s. alone. the numbers are creeping up for
11:52 am
most seasonal part-time or full- time jobs. fedex hiring some 14,000, and even the u.s. postal service is hiring in some areas. u.p.s. -- 50,000. definitely up from last year. the reason is volume. they are shipping 4 million packages this season alone, and that is an average of 15 million to 20 million packages on a single day -- 15,000 to 20,000 packages on a single day. with me now is a representative of u.p.s. what will the seasonal employees be doing? >> they will be running with the drivers, helping to lift and lower the packages, delivering them to the customers. >> to pay for the job?
11:53 am
>> starting pay is $8, but they also have the chance to demonstrate their skills to become permanent employees after the holidays. >> training, they are in the classroom, right? >> that is right. we have them come in for one-day training with drivers on how to do this, how to lift and load properly, as well as customer service. >> i applied about 30 years ago and i did not get it. >> your enthusiasm is the kind of thing we would be looking for. >> would i have a shot today? >> absolutely. if you log onto, you can apply online. we are continuing to hire and up
11:54 am
to the christmas holiday. >> so an interesting note, you can get permanent work. there is the chance to graduate to permanent work. >> we tell everyone that this is their opportunity to make an impression. it is your chance to be considered for becoming full- time. >> thank you. another sign that the economy could be coming back. jon: no fair jumping to the front of the line now that you had a friend in u.p.s. >> that would be my style. jon: if you want more information on this story and other on the jump -- on the job hunt features, click
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jane: we have not heard much publicly from don rumsfeld since he left the bush administration, but there has told us that he has released a statement in response to what president obama said regarding troop levels. he says -- such a bold statement, at least as it pertains to the time that i served as secretary of defense, deserves a response. i am not aware of a similar question of that nature. if any such request occurred, the white house should probably make them public. the president's assertion does a disservice to the troops and to the thousands in uniform that have sacrificed in afghanistan. it is in the interest of better understanding the presidents and
11:56 am
-- speech last night and should be reviewed in the forthcoming debate to determine what requests were made, who made them, and where or why in the chain of command they were denied. we will bring you more. jon: that sounds like it is going to get hot. it is the state of illinois in versus the asian car. it is a mighty big fish. -- carp. what is the government trying to do about it?
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the jon: and the fed's are releasing details of the multi- year smuggling investigation. the suspect is believed to the inner iranian arms dealer in custody for two years. the jane: breaking news on the
12:00 pm
tiger woods story. he says he is starring in dick's army. he has posted an apology on his website for transgressions. the fallout from the car crash. we will play you a voicemail at one magazine says it is tiger woods calling his mistress, trying to cover his tracks. jon: you no junk food taste good and that blacks nutrition, but is there a musical equivalent? a group of teenagers leading nutritional labels for music and ranks the 10 worst songs. could your kids be listening to them? jane: we start with what is happening on capitol hill. the joint chiefs say that the president's initiative will allow us to gain the initiative there. they are fielding tough questions along with hillary clinton, robert gates. steve centanni is watching it
12:01 pm
all at the pentagon. what are the critics saying? >> they are asking serious questions about the plan. for the most part, republican support sending these 3000 additional troops. general mcchrystal wanted 40,000, but generally, republicans say that they want the troops on the ground. one critic, john mccain, the ranking member on this panel, does not like the idea of beginning a pullout in july 2011. secretary gates says that we will be in a position at that time to begin the transition, but john mccain was not so sure. >> let's suppose conditions are on the grounds that commanders believe it would jeopardize the success of the mission if we start a withdrawal. would we do it anyway? >> the president has indicated we will have a thorough review
12:02 pm
of how we are doing in december 2010 and i think we will be in a position then to get eluate whether or not we can continue. >> secretary gates saying he will look at the situation on the ground in december 2010, one year from now, to see whether or not july 2011 is a good time to start the transition. jane: but more can be expected today? >> a lot of testimony. secretary gates and hillary clinton are there in front of the committee, answering questions, allaying concerns raised by members of congress. that is what they are there for. as a bell, to sell the plan. members of the presidents can -- cabinet have to go in front of members of congress. at 1:00, they are going to do the same thing in front of a house panel. after all, congress holds the purse strings.
12:03 pm
jane: how soon could these additional 30,000 the on the ground in afghanistan? >> the president said they would be deployed in the early part of next year and that would put them on the ground in the summer, but the pentagon says not all of them will be there until the end of august. approximately eight months for the search to be complete, although it will begin immediately. one brigade from north carolina could be there by christmas. then the rest of the 30,000 will follow over the coming months. jane: thank you. jon: a homicide attack at pakistan's navy headquarters leaves a security guard dead. police say the bomber appeared to be a teenager he walked up to the front gate and the security asked him to remove his coat, he
12:04 pm
exploded. it is the latest of a series of deadly attacks. there are concerns from the pakistani government that when additional u.s. troops are deployed, it may push more insurgent across the border into pakistan. jane: chechen rebels are claiming responsibility for that russian train attack that we saw last week. a bomb the rails to a train on the way to st. petersburg. government officials were among those who were killed. if the claim is confirmed, it would mark the first terrorist attack outside the north caucuses since the two bombings in 2004. jon: right now we are learning new details about an iranian arms dealer secretly extradited to the u.s. for two years he has been sitting quietly in a philadelphia prison but today we are hearing more about what federal agents have recovered from this major international sting.
12:05 pm
catherine herridge is with us from washington. why is this a case significant? >> the arms dealer, a former iranian government procurement officer has been in u.s. custody for nearly two years, reported a in a philadelphia area prison. the case has been kept under wraps to allow officers to see who he is connected to in his arms smuggling ring, and if there are connections to the iranian government. in addition, law enforcement wanted to pursue leads purported to be on his laptop computer. federal officials have recently confirmed that this will be an ongoing investigation. jon: how did they pick him up? >> he came under the banner of authorities and homeland security officials met with him in a third country as part of
12:06 pm
the undercover sting operation where they posed as arms dealers. there is undercover video from the sting operation in which he claims the iranian government wanted to build up its defenses against future threats, including a possible war with the u.s. that is the significant part of national security to the story. jon: so what are we just learning about this now? >> there was a news conference held in wilmington, delaware this morning, and that is when the charges were released. homeland security described the case this way to reporters. >> as a game of cat and mouse. it is uncertain as to whether or not one stubbly to an arrest or prosecution. here you have an iranian man living in iran and conducted the vast majority of his work by
12:07 pm
telephone and e-mail communication. >> the reason we are hearing about the case now is because he pled guilty to the charges earlier this year and later this month the bill be sentenced, most likely to life in prison. i will add, in recent months we have had statements from the iranian government and other groups, which would seem cryptic, but is no longer a secret that he must providing information to authorities about this arms smuggling ring. jane: thank you. three men are accused of aiding a cop killer. they are thought to have protected maurice clemmons. clemmons was shot dead after resisting arrest. prosecutors say that he evaded police with the help of some of these men that you see.
12:08 pm
then one of the sister-in-laws of one of the murdered officers had this to say. >> they are not human to me. >> in memorial service for the officers is goodell next week. already reporters that officers from around the country will attend. jon: cut controversial report recommending that women get fewer breast cancer screenings is the source of a house hearing today. shannon bream is in washington. it sounds pretty tough to get bipartisan support on anything these days. but this one has it? >> both sides agree that they need some answers. these guidelines have been confusing and seem to conflict with what we have been hearing for years, and what statements that are coming out of groups
12:09 pm
like the american cancer association. those who are scared of getting cancer may skip testing. women really are not supposed to be sure what day -- they are not sure what they are supposed to be doing and they're looking for some answers today. jon: i assume there were some sparks? >> yes, it seems that everyone agrees on this, but so much of this has turned into the overall health care legislation and republicans say this is possibly an example of what could happen with rationing care. these bodies will make these recommendations and that insurance companies could be emboldened by that. democrats are fighting back, saying that you are talking about fair retails. this is not the health care bill. it is about this particular recommendation. >> we have a government
12:10 pm
commission's setting policy instead of a doctor and patient relationship. >> we need to remain, i think, devoted to solid science in our country, and to pay heed to that. i think that drives to the core of why we are here today for. god help us if we do not. >> they have been a little bit off track on this specific breast cancer screening guideline, looking at the bitter debate of health care. jon: thank you. jane: a key figure in calling the scientist with global warming is now stepping down from his post. what this could mean for the debate over what type of warning we are seeing or not. also, these giant asian carp.
12:11 pm
they can grow up to be 100 pounds and can injure you if you are in the water. they are also an enormous threat to the great lakes. in the midwest what they will be doing to these fish to mind is pretty extreme.
12:12 pm
12:13 pm
12:14 pm
jane: serial robbers now focusing on check-cashing stores. this man has had more than 20 of them in palm beach county over the last 20 years, but he is getting sloppy. the suspect removed his mask before leaving the store, and now they have a clear shot at his face. if you recognize him, you are asked to call crime stoppers. there is the phone number. jon: a scandal involving scientists who study global warming is causing a shake-up
12:15 pm
that a british research center. we are calling in cilmategate. phil jones is stepping down pending this controversy. there were thousands of e-mails leaked last month, possibly act. skeptics of man causing global warming say that he manipulated data to support their research. wendell goler is at the white house. what is the latest? >> skeptics who claim that man is responsible for global warming say that this may completely undercut the chance for an agreement on the kyodo accord in copenhagen next month. jones, whose research unit serves as the data collection point for the u.n. nations intergovernmental panel on climate change, says undercutting the kyoto accord
12:16 pm
could have been the reason for this. they also released a statement saying that we are and have always been scrupulous in ensuring that our science publications are robust and honest. jones and others appear to suppress data and they say that it was taken out of context. one refers to a trip to hide an apparent decline in temperatures. they say it is just a scientific method of combining instrumental measurements of temperature and combining it with other data. jon: so what is their reaction? >> james inhofe is calling for a hearing and demanding that scientists hold on to any data related to the university. he once called global warming a great hoax. he used to scare the
12:17 pm
environmental public works committee. also, pennsylvania state university is conducting an investigation. one of their professors was cited in one of the e-mails. jane: i do not know how you feel about 100-pound fish. a bit too close for some period they are planning to kill thousands of these asian carp. they will be poisoning them. will it be enough to save the rest of the animals in the late? will it work?
12:18 pm
0himvoqtupp((- c +dt@!dp;/(hx
12:19 pm
12:20 pm
jane: in the battle against the asian carp is officially under way tonight. they will be poisoning these fish in a canal there to stop
12:21 pm
them before they go into the great lakes. if that happens, they could devour a $7 billion fishing industry. they can grow to beat up to 4 feet long and 100 pounds and keep everything in sight. on the telephone with us from illinois is someone with the illinois department of natural resources. basically, you will be pouring this toxin into the canal. what does that do to the rest of the wild life? >> it does not pose any other known hazard to other wildlife. it affects income of breathing organisms that a cellular level and other gill-reading animals from processing oxygen, 7 does not affect any of aquatic life for water it like in the area. jane: what do you do with these
12:22 pm
thousands of dead fish? >> we estimate in pounds, and we have estimated there are about 200,000 pounds of fish in this stretch of the canal. after the poison has taken effect, our cleanup will begin tomorrow morning and they will use a large nets to scoop up the fish and they will be disposed of properly in a landfill. jane: we are looking at still photographs of what these fish can do. people who have encountered them say that it is pretty scary. they can be pretty nasty. >> it is true. you can look at the devastation that has been done on the illinois and mississippi river. it can change the way you navigate the river. we are just looking at the great lakes and the fishing industry, the outdoor recreational users. this could have a catastrophic
12:23 pm
effect if we do not stop them from getting in there. jane: there is some evidence that they have already reached the barrier, which is why you are doing this. one expert says that what you are doing tonight is really your last chance. what if it does not work? >> i do not know if it is our last option. what we are doing this week has to do with the other to bare your maintenance. the army corps of engineers needs to take that barrier down for routine maintenance. with this new evidence that had been given to us, that there were some positive dna found in the water south of the barrier, we wanted to make sure there was no possible way the nation carp could reach the bare while it was down four minutes. jane: you will be likely dealing with a whole lot of dead fish in the coming days.
12:24 pm
thank you. jon: we have heard a lot of reaction today from the president's plan in afghanistan. what do the troops on the ground think about the announcement? and new developments in the tiger woods drama. the superstar ball for just issued an apology. who she is saying sorry to. i knew i had to see my doctor. he told me i had choices in controller medicines. we chose symbicort. symbicort starts to improve my lung function within 15 minutes. that's important to me because i know the two medicines in symbicort are beginning to treat my symptoms and helping me take control of my asthma. and that makes symbicort a good choice for me. symbicort will not replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. and should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol may increase the chance of asthma-related death. so, it is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on other asthma medicines.
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jane: we know president obama's plan for afghanistan. he had to sell the surge to congress to support it financially. lindsey graham will be here with his take. jon: his next goal is not winning the u.s. open, it is being a better husband. tiger woods opening up about the notorious crashed in front of his home. jane: watch what you eat, how about watch what you hear? a new study takes on some of the biggest names in music. they call it junk food for your ears. jon: we are getting a wide range of reaction from president obama's strategy in afghanistan. the senate armed services committee has been taking committee from hillary clinton, robert gates, and joint chiefs of staff chairman admiral
12:29 pm
mullen. meanwhile, there was a news conference in canada are. that area was thought to be the prize of the taliban. greg palkot is with us from canadkandahar. >> [no audio] his first public statement since president obama made his speech. very interesting things to say. first, let me recap to you what the troops are saying here. there are some 8000 troops here. we spoke to a few of them as they gathered for the speech. generally, a neighbor positive about more troops coming here. 30,000 is the proposal coming from the president.
12:30 pm
some thought even more could come. timing was a problem for some. some thought that sending them in as quickly as six, eight months was overly optimistic. they know what it is like on the ground over here. others thought that signaling the beginning of an exit strategy also may be a bad idea, could begin in the enemy -- beginning the enemy a signal that they can just wait. over all, positive thinking that americans with other nato allies, and of course, the afghans, could at least slow down the taliban. now the general mcchrystal -- general stanley mcchrystal, if he had any reservations, he did not show any of them. he said we are in a great position for significant change.
12:31 pm
everything changes from this day fund. he went on to detail his counterinsurgency strategy with a special emphasis on the south, where the taliban has been the strongest, where the focus of the international community has not been concentrated. this will mean an excess of the battle over the next couple of years, according to him. i have to tell you, the officers in the room, by the way they were listening, they hoped that their commander was right and that the commander in new there was an optimistic way out of the situation. jon: thank you. jane: we want to show you some pictures we just got up snow in dallas, texas. >> that is amazing, considering we have not seen any of that
12:32 pm
here in new york city. pretty amazing. take a look at the satellite radar composite. that is part of a system affecting the mid-atlantic region and could even give us the threat of tornadoes. take a look at the last six hours. the snow moving through dallas, enough to get some coverage on the ground. the warmer part of the storm is where we see the potential for a hail and damaging winds. we have a tornado watch for parts of the florida panhandle up through central georgia until 5:00 local time. all of that moisture is streaming into the mid-atlantic and eventually north east, where you can see in the warmer air ahead of this system. behind the system is where we are seeing an extremely cold air. 33 degrees today in dallas.
12:33 pm
there is the precipitation over the next 48 hours as the storm races up the coast and eventually to canada. that storm system will be with us today, up through georgia and the carolinas. remember, tornadoes are possible, including you in tallahassee. that means conditions are favorable for a tornado until 5:00. we will keep you posted. you can see that cold air sinking in. 32 degrees in minneapolis. 36 in kansas city. it is warmer in new york city. cold air is on the way, i promise. into the weekend, we could even see a few flurries to get the kids excited.
12:34 pm
jon: thank you. for the world's greatest golfer, what looked like a minor accident has turned into a huge problem. rumors have swirled around tiger woods. now he is apologizing for a name to transgressions that hurt his family, this as "us weekly" and other media outlets are reporting that he is involved in at least one extramarital affair. jill dobson is with us. >> he is opening up for the first time. his apology comes at a time when we hear from several women that say they had an affair with him. in a statement on his website, he wrote --
12:35 pm
meantime, "us weekly" has released a voice mail between him and his alleged cocktail waitress who said that she was having a three-year on an off- again affair with him. she says she has 300 scandalous texts from him and this recording. here it is. >> hey, it is tighter. i need you to erase my number. >> following his car accident,
12:36 pm
florida highway patrol said that they determined they would give him a traffic fine and points on his license. in the report released today, police say he caused nearly $3,200 in damage, not including the damage done to his s.u.v. jon: that is really going to send him back. would not want to be him right now. thank you. jane: a man in panama beach county, florida said that he lied to deputies about being around so that he would not have to tell his wife that he spend the money. now he is charged with making a false report. he called police from a store and claimed he was getting into a car when a man dressed in black hit him and took $100. the store surveillance chose him walking out of the store, sitting in his car for awhile, and then getting back in the
12:37 pm
store. after investigators showed him the videotape, he admitted that he had lied. jon: president obama announcing 30,000 more american troops will be deployed to afghanistan. a lot of republicans are voicing support, but there is another part of the president's plan that many in the gop strongly disagree with. what about the democrats? that is next.
12:38 pm
one word turns innovative design into revolutionary performance. one word makes the difference between defining the mission and accomplishing the mission. one word makes the difference in defending our nation and the cause of freedom. how... is the word that makes all the difference.
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i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day.
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12:41 pm
for him and bring you the latest. jon: president obama insisting last night ramping up troop levels in afghanistan is critical for the national security of this country. he added the days at providing a blank check for the afghan government are over because we also have some serious concerns at home. >> our prosperity provides a foundation for our power. it pays for our military, underwrites our diplomacy, tufts the potential of our people and allows investing in new industry, and will allow us to compete in this century as successfully as we did in the last. that is my our troop commitments in afghanistan cannot be open- ended. the nation that i am most interested in building is our own. jon: joining us for his take on the surge in afghanistan is republican senator lindsey
12:42 pm
gramm. he is on the armed services committee and is taking a break to be with us. -- lindsey graham. i know you have asked questions about the timeline. the president said he wants to start withdrawing forces in 18 months. what kind of response date you get? >> i asked the witnesses on a scale of one to 10 0 important and must to be successful in afghanistan was a failed state would mean to this country, they all said it was 10. the problem i have it is the 30,000 seems to be enough for the general, but what about the july 2011 withdrawal announcement? does it mean that we are going to leave the matter what? secretary gates, in his opening statement, said 2011 was not conditioned-based. if that is true, we have undercut the strategy.
12:43 pm
i asked the question in december 2010, when you evaluate the strategy, or you just and i knew when and how quickly you withdrawal in 2011 or is it possible not to withdraw at all? secretary of state clinton said that we are not locked into withdrawing, which is music to my ears and bad news to the enemy. jon: we defeated the japanese and germans in 1945 and we still have troops there. we still have troops in the korea. we still have troops in the balkans and bill clinton promised we would have them home by christmas. at any rate -- go ahead. >> the point is, we have troops stationed around the world. the problem with afghanistan and iraq is we have them dying. that is what matters most, reducing the violence so that afghanistan can become stable.
12:44 pm
but if you believe it is a 10 to lose afghanistan, why would you create the conditions for leaving afghanistan even before you go? that is logically inconsistent. i think i got the answer that i was looking for today, that they had not locked themselves into leaving by 2011. jon: the president seems to have gone a lot more support from republicans in the senate than from his democratic colleagues. why is that? >> i do not think they believe it is a 10. the left supporting the president does not appreciate the consequences of afghanistan going back into a taliban hands. they control 11 provinces, according to officials, and without military power, we cannot turn things around. at the end of the day, the
12:45 pm
president appreciates afghanistan is a vital national security interest, which is in peril, but as he tries to make everyone happy, what bothers me most about last night is he indicated that we are going in and coming out at a date certain. i hope that has been cleared up to date, and if the left does not like it, to bed. -- too bad. jon: we have that hearing screaming on just a personal note about the coverage last night -- i mentioned the fact that some of the cadets in the audience were a little tired last night. i have a cadet at west point. he pointed out to me that they had them arrive at 4:00 p.m. for the clock speech. those uniforms they wear are extremely hot, and they work in them pretty hard. i have to tell you, just about
12:46 pm
half of the kids in the audience you can guarantee will be serving in afghanistan. yes, they are interested in what the president had to say, but they were a little tired. jane: they were probably up before the sun. jon: my hat is off to everyone of them. jane: a okay, adam housley is that the los angeles car show. what are you seeing in the midst of the recession? >> what of station wagons for jon. and we have this for you and your husband. 424 horsepower. why are we here to show you muscle cars? that is coming up next on fox. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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12:50 pm
>> we want to get to that manhunt that is going on in jupiter, florida, and at thanksgiving day dinner that turned deadly for one family. police released a brand new photographs of the man they are looking for. he is accused of killing four family members and shooting two others. among the dead, a 6-year-old child. what we are learning now is police believe these pictures will give them a better chance of spotting him. it shows his body type. again, a manhunt in florida. jane: thank you. it is not the best of times for the u.s. auto industry, but the show must go on. automakers are showing off their latest and greatest models. adam housley is here.
12:51 pm
last year was being green. is there a trend now? >> that is right. part of the ford line, they are hoping that the upgraded mustang can help them this year. what really helped them to come back was a ford taurus. there were a lot of oil over asking why they would keep the same name, but it has done great for many years. that was the first thing that an american car maker had done when the tide in the technology. they had not merely put in technology in a sedan, like the taurus. finally, the ford fiesta. it was here years ago and then went overseas and became popular in europe. now it seems they are trying to narrow things down to sell one car worldwide. this year, the muscle cars are
12:52 pm
back, and los angeles is becoming one of the most important car shows of the year. we talked about "new moon" having one of the volvo's in there. people are recognizing that. jane: in this resignation of the general motors ceo. does that affect the event? >> that was definitely some of them. the ceo gave the keynote speech this morning. we expect to hear more from that as the morning moves on. so yes, there is some buzz about that, but they are also talking about these types of cars that will be introduced to the public. jon: you could not see it on tv, but as he was patrolling those muscle cars, and jane's foot was
12:53 pm
twitching. jon: good news from dubai. those four sailors that were part of an international yacht race -- and their boat became disabled near iran. at any rate, the iranians when and seized these guys, said that they were trespassing in iranian waters. at any rate, they have been released. this is new video into the newsroom. the crew of that not has been released. they are now safe and sound in dubai. and britain is very happy about that. jane: how about this concept? the most unhealthy things you could be putting in your body comes from your years. one group says songs are the musical equivalent of junk food and has come up with a nutrition label to rate them..
12:54 pm
. ugcl) yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft
12:55 pm
juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli . .
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
♪ trace: i'm not sure what that was, -- jon: i'm not sure what that was, but apparently, music can just be like nutrition, the conclusion of the boston public health commission. its start strong initiative relied on a panel of teenagers to the popular songs on how healthy they are for relationships panel -- relationships. they even created a list of the top healthiest and on healthiest relationship songs. welcome. thank you both for joining us.
12:58 pm
what was the goal here? >> the goal is to help young people make informed choices about what they put in their bodies. our goal is not to tell anybody what music they should or should not be listening to. we think just like a food label gives information, this label is a way for folks to better understand what they are putting into their bodies. jon: let me put up on the screen the lyrics to the song by mario. the song is "breakup." you don't like that? >> no, not all. >> that is one of the south -- jon: that is one of the songs that made your bad list. what were the parameters for determining whether a song is good or bad for a relationship? >> we looked at subjects that
12:59 pm
the songs included. the healthy ones look at support and love, and we look at perception and obsession. the song's "breakup" had a lot of disrespect and possession an obsession. jon: lady gaga does not make your nice list, i guess. >> is a sometimes food. jon: what do you hope parents and kids get out of this? >> what we really hope is that this is the start of a conversation. we want parents and teens to talk about the media they are consuming so they can have a more balanced media diet. jon: don't parents always hate the music their kids are listening to? >> they may not like the beat, but they may not know the lyrics, or the teens may not know the lyrics, and in this case, if you want to really know what is going on in some of the poso


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